pumped screed

Pumped Screed Floor at Bradford University

Flowstone Industrial Flooring Ltd was recently appointed to carry out pumped screed works to the corridors of Bradford University in Yorkshire.

Flowstone installed two coats of Flowcrete’s Hydroseal damp proof membrane to the substrate. This product allows for immediate installation of a moisture sensitive floor finish and has a moisture content of up to 100% Relative Humidity. By applying a damp proof membrane, it immediately reduced the project time-scale and allowed Flowstone to immediately start work on the pumped screed.

Flowstone used the PFT G5 super pump to apply Flowcrete’s Flowscreed Industrial Top in Green at 10mm thick as requested by the client. This product is typically laid at 5 – 30mm; however an 8 mm average thickness is a typical installation on a reasonably level base. Flowcrete’s Flowscreed is ideal for fast track renovation of floors in warehouses, production zones, aircraft hangers, automotive process lines and other areas where a hard-wearing level floor is needed. All floor screeds come with the added benefit of being very hygienic and not supporting bacterial growth. Combine this with the self-levelling, hard-wearing nature of a pumped screed, made Flowcrete’s Flowscreed the ideal solution to provide a floor that will maintain these high standards for many years to come.

The Flowscreed system used is renowned for its rapid installation where on average 2,000sqm per day can be installed in suitable conditions. This allowed Flowstone to complete the project on a weekend to the satisfaction of the client, meaning minimal disruption during lecture and seminar times for the university.

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