Flowscreed applied to floor and Mclaren plant

Industrial Floor Renovation at McLaren Technology Centre with Flowscreed

Flowstone Industrial Flooring Ltd was recently entrusted with the task of renovating the floors at the prestigious McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey.

As the headquarters of the McLaren Group and its subsidiaries, the McLaren Technology Centre occupies an expansive 500,000 m² site in Woking, Surrey, England.

This case study highlights Flowstone’s involvement in the floor renovation project, detailing the specifications, sequence of works, and benefits of the chosen flooring system.


The client required the renovation and levelling of approximately 510m² of floor area at the McLaren Technology Centre. Flowstone selected Flowcrete’s Flowscreed Industrial Top, a fast-drying cement-based floor topping designed for the rapid refurbishment of concrete floors. The specified screed was to be applied at a thickness of 15mm throughout the designated area.

Flowscreed Industrial Top offers numerous advantages for industrial applications, including its fast-drying and quick-setting properties, enabling a swift installation process. The system is particularly suitable for areas such as warehouses, production zones, aircraft hangars, automotive facilities, and other spaces where a durable, level floor surface is essential.

The sequence of Works:

The floor renovation project commenced with the mechanical preparation of the entire floor area through shot-blasting. Shot-blasting is a surface preparation technique that involves propelling abrasive particles at high velocity to remove contaminants, residues, and imperfections from the surface, ensuring optimal adhesion of the subsequent flooring system.

Following the shot-blasting process, a pull-off adhesion test was conducted. This test assesses the compressive strength of the concrete by subjecting the fasteners, such as bolts, screws, anchors, or fixings, to a designed stress load level. The test rig measures the strength and security of the fasteners, providing insights into any potential underlying substrate issues.

Upon obtaining satisfactory results from the pull-off adhesion test, Flowstone proceeded to prime the entire floor area, followed by the application of a silica sand blind. The silica sand acts as a broadcast material, enhancing the adhesion and texture of the subsequent flooring system.

The next step involved the application of Flowscreed Industrial Top, a pump-applied rapid-curing industrial renovation screed at a thickness of 15mm. To ensure a bubble-free and even surface as the screed cures, de-aeration was performed using a spiked roller.

The final stage of the floor renovation process consisted of sealing the floor with a suitable acrylic sealer, providing an added layer of protection and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the renovated floor.


Flowcrete Flowscreed

Flowstone successfully completed the floor renovation project at the McLaren Technology Centre, employing the reliable and efficient Flowscreed Industrial Top system. The fast-drying properties of the system facilitated a quick turnaround, minimizing downtime and disruptions to the facility’s operations. The application of the specified screed at a thickness of 15mm ensured a level and durable floor surface suitable for the demanding requirements of warehouses, production zones, and other industrial settings. For all floor renovation requirements, interested parties are encouraged to contact Flowstone’s team via telephone or email to explore their options and discuss project specifics.