Epoxy flooring completed for a garage in Birkenhread

Resin Flooring Solution for Commercial Garage In Birkenhead

Flowstone Industrial Flooring is pleased to showcase a recently completed flooring endeavor at a commercial garage in Birkenhead. Our task was to install a durable, aesthetically pleasing floor capable of enduring constant heavy vehicle movement and clearly outlining the vehicle inspection areas.
About Our Client:

The garage we worked with is a reputable service center in Birkenhead, specializing in the maintenance of various types of vehicles like cars, trucks, and vans. The client was particularly interested in a sturdy flooring system that could stand the rigors of heavy vehicular activity while ensuring a safe workspace for their team of mechanics.
Project Needs:

  • Endurance for Heavy Traffic: The facility sees substantial flow of heavy vehicles, necessitating a flooring system resilient against continual wear.
  • Visibility and Safety: Clear, easily noticeable chevron lines were needed around vehicle inspection pits to optimize safety measures and improve work efficiency.

Our Approach:

  • Mechanical Floor Preparation: Our team utilized advanced diamond grinding methods to prime the existing concrete flooring. This method eliminated previous coatings, contaminants, and other surface flaws, making it a receptive base for epoxy application.
  • Epoxy Coating: We employed Virtus Resins Strongcoat, a two-component high-build epoxy paint, known for its remarkable resilience, chemical resistance, and ability to cope with high-traffic scenarios. This added an extra shield against the daily wear and tear.
  • Execution Steps:

  • Initial Cleanup: Our team performed a thorough cleansing to eliminate any debris or substances that could interfere with epoxy adherence. Diamond grinding tools were deployed for final surface refinement.
  • Epoxy Application: Two layers of high-build epoxy paint were applied, each separated by sufficient drying time to ensure maximum bonding and longevity.

  • Safety Markings: After the epoxy had properly cured, chevron line markings were meticulously applied using quality tape and line marking paint.
  • Results and Advantages:

    Our high-build epoxy coating delivered outstanding durability, effectively accommodating the heavy vehicular activity. The precise and visible chevron markings surrounding the inspection pits bolstered safety and work productivity. The newly applied epoxy not only improved the aesthetic appeal of the facility but also made cleaning and upkeep less labor-intensive.

    The project was accomplished within a 3-day window and was ready for operation within 24 hours.

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