Automotive Production Facility Epoxy Resin Floor Solution

Flowstone specialise in a number of different flooring installations including those needed for manufacturing and industrial spaces. The desire for hard-wearing, durable and aesthetically pleasing floor solutions is a standard requirement for businesses looking to create an optimized and fully operational work space that includes the use of large machinery and the transportation of heavy materials. We specialise in this type of installation and understand the necessity for these installations to be fitted both quickly and effectively.


Flowstone were pleased to be appointed as the specialist resin flooring contractor to provide a new floor finish at a production facility building in North Wales.


The floor area measured approximately 663m2 inclusive of 148m2 of walkways. The Client wanted a seamless, hard wearing resin floor finish which could withstand pallet truck traffic and the day to day challenges in a manufacturing facility.

The Client also required coloured line markings and health and safety markings to denote forklift routes, pedestrian walkways and black and white zebra crossings.  The timescale was tight, as the Client required the works to be completed and the floor to be fully operational within 3 days. This is the type of challenge we enjoy and something our specialist installation team are trained for. Therefore, a fast-curing epoxy resin product was selected as the best possible solution – providing an effective finish and completed with the designated timeframe.


Flowstone selected Virtus® Strongcoat Fast Cure. A hard wearing, epoxy resin coating which allows the floor to be trafficked 8 hours after application. The product is British made and conforms to British Standard BS 8204 and is classified by FeRFA (the resin flooring association) as a Type 3 product.

This product is available in a range of colours and is a popular and cost-effective choice for customers looking for a value for money, industrial epoxy resin floor finish.  It can be laid up to a maximum thickness of 1mm and can be used with various size anti-slip aggregates to produce different levels of slip resistance. The product is guaranteed for 3 years and has a life expectancy of around 5 years, depending on how heavily the floor is trafficked.

Sequence of Works

The floor was mechanically prepared by way of dust captive shot-blasting and diamond grinding to ensure a cleaned, keyed surface. It is always recommend that the floor be mechanically prepared to ensure a good bond between the existing concrete and the new resin. Two coats of Virtus® Strongcoat were applied by roller.

The 515m2 area was laid in Chelsea Blue, 148m2 walkways were painted in standard Green, finished with 5 no. black and white zebra crossings and 600 lineal metres of single black lines on each side of walkways. The project took 2 days to be installed; comfortably within the agreed timeframe and is now fully operational.

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