Flintshire Bridge

Construction company gets new acid resin floor installation

Flowstone Industrial Flooring Limited was contracted to carry out the floor and wall installation works to John Sisk & Sons Construction. We worked with the client to identify the correct solution and to carry out the installation of an acid-resistant resin floor and wall finishes at the 400KV Converter Station located in Flintshire Bridge, Connah’s Quay in North Wales.

Job overview

The contract included the supply and installation of the resin flooring and wall coverings to a number of areas within the plant, including HVAC and DC Halls, pump room, valve cooling room, generator rooms, battery rooms, and workshops.

Specifying the correct flooring solution

There were a number of technical requirements to meet; therefore, we completed a number of detailed site trials to ensure the suitability and performance of the final flooring specification.

We identified Sika’s 2540, Flowcrete’s SF41 and Flowchem VE RC and Flowchem VE ESD as the most suitable products for these works and ensure fully optimised performance for the client.  Flowcoat SF41 is a proven, cost-effective and high performance, epoxy resin floor and wall coating system with adjustable anti-slip properties.  It is a low maintenance system that protects against a range of acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, fuels and is hard-wearing against sustained vehicle traffic.

The Flowchem range contains several products which all have excellent chemical resistance properties.  Flowchem VE RC is a roller coat applied, shrinkage compensated, vinyl ester resin-based coating system with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.  It has excellent resistance to deterioration from UV exposure and can be walked on within 12 hours, reducing downtime.

Flowchem VE ESD is an electrostatic dissipating, horizontal, trowel-applied, low shrink, vinyl ester resin based screed system with outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance.

Ideal for use in medium to heavy-duty areas, Flowchem VE ESD HD has excellent anti-static resistance to EN IEC 61340.

Sika’s Sikafloor 2540 W is a solvent-free, two-component, water dispersed, coloured epoxy coating. It provides a protective surface treatment for concrete floors and walls exposed to light and medium use.

Sequence of works

With all our projects, we take the time to consult with the client so that we can achieve an ideal solution befitting their requirements. For this particular project, our specialist team prepared the existing floors using our Blastrac 2-20 blaster, HTC and Blastrac diamond grinding fleet, which is equipped with HEPA 13 filters which ensure a dust-free environment during the grinding process.

Throughout the installation, we adhered to stringent health and safety procedures, including a medical and substance testing for all team members.  We completed the initial 7,000 square meters of acid-resistant epoxy resin flooring safely, on time and on budget.