Train Depot Flooring

Depot Flooring At Selhurst Maintenance Depot

Flowstone were appointed as specialist resin contractors to carry out the epoxy resin coating works to the pit walls and depot floors at a new, £2m extension at Selhurst Train Care Depot, Crystal Place.
Flooring Challenges

The job posed several challenges: firstly, services, in cased in trunking, had already been fixed along the inside of the new pit walls making the mechanical preparation and resin coating works a much more intricate process. Secondly, the arrival and installation of new equipment meant working to tight schedules.
What we did

The entire depot floor underwent shotblasting, with the pit walls and floors being prepared by way of diamond grinding. This ensured a clean, profiled surface ready for the resin application. Flowstone used Resdevs Pumatect, a virtually solvent free, high build, industrial, protective, epoxy resin coating. The colour scheme selected was white for the pit walls and floors and for the depot floors, anti slip chelsea blue for the pedestrian walkways with safety yellow line marking. The colour scheme, layout and slip resistance conformed to rail industry requirements

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