Floor Installation at Neville Hill Train Depot

Flowstone was entrusted with the extensive depot resin flooring and pit wall coating works at Neville Hill train depot. The train depot operates 24 hours a day for train refits, repairs and refurbishments. As a result, the client needed a resilient, hard wearing flooring solution that could deal with high levels of foot fall, the use of heavy machinery and vehicles.

Challenges of Floor Installation for Train Depot

It was necessary for the depot to remain operational throughout the works. To meet these criteria, Flowstone, in agreement with the depot management, implemented a 24-hour working scheme with both 12-hour day and night shifts, on a 7 day week schedule.

Additionally, the scheme of works was planned so as to minimise disruption to the daily activities of the repair shed with the works to the road floors, pit walls and floors being completed concurrently; one section of the shed at a time. This allowed the train repair and maintenance activities to remain operational throughout the period of the works and for the works to be completed in as short a timescale as possible

A Floor Installation Bespoke to the Client

Flowstone carried out dust-encapsulated shot-blasting to an entire floor area, diamond grinding to surface edges to ensure complete removal of previous coating from substrate and to provide clean and keyed surface.

A number of localised concrete floor repairs were carried out using a suitable repair mortar. An epoxy primer for oil contaminated substrates and a damp proof primer was applied.  We used a polyurethane self-smoothing resin with quartz aggregate to completely resurface and level the floor area. The pit walls were prepared by way of hand held grinding and then coated with an industrial epoxy wall coating.

Being a CHAS and Achilles RISQ accredited contractor, we continually manage risk during our day to day activities and employ the skills of a specialist health and safety manager. Flowstone works closely with clients and their project managers to understand their project timelines and to keep abreast of any delays so as to be able to provide sound advice on the best product specification to manage the risk of the works being adversely affected by changing weather conditions.  More generally, it is our experience that maintaining regular and effective communication with clients is key to managing risks to project success.

We were delighted to have finished such a challenging project on time and to a standard which exceeded the client’s expectations. Management at Neville Train Depot expressed how satisfied they were with the completed works and the timeframe in which they had been concluded.

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