New Flooring System Installed at Tecan Ltd Metal Manufacturers

Flowstone Industrial Flooring Limited was contracted to carry out floor refurbishment works for Tecan Ltd in Dorset – precision metal finishing manufacturers for hi-tech, hi-spec applications. Operating from a Nadcap-approved, purpose-built metal finishing facility, Tecan offers a wide range of standard and bespoke finishes to meet the most demanding requirements.

The work space at Tecan Ltd is used to transport heavy duty materials and machinery and has a high use footfall. This means that the demands on the flooring system are atypical of a large industrial manufacturing unit; requiring a hard-wearing floor system capable of withstanding the pressures exerted on it and optimising productivity.

Our specialist team worked with Tecan Ltd to come up with a suitable flooring system solution that would cater for heavy materials and machinery but would also offer protection against corrosive chemical attack. In addition, we worked with the management to ensure a suitable timeframe for installation so as to keep inconvenience to a minimum and to allow production to continue without interruption.

Job Overview

The Client required highly chemical-resistant, hard wearing, seamless and non-slip flooring. The floor frequently comes into contact with harsh chemicals (such as Nitric and Hydrochloric acids) at elevated temperatures. It is also subject to heavy weight 15 tonne equipment – both static and mobile. The main floor area consisted of approximately 160 sqm area total, inclusive of 36 m of matching coving.


Flowcrete’s Flowchem VE GL – A hand or spray applied shrinkage compensated Vinyl Ester system with glass fibre lining was specified for the purpose. The specified system offers an outstanding chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance. It is most commonly used for protection of concrete and metal structures subject to continuous or occasional exposure to heavy duty chemical, thermal and mechanical attack. The system was installed at 3 mm thickness, throughout.  Tile Red colour finish was specified by the Client.


The floor required minor levelling between the adjoining areas for easy flow between the work spaces. Flowstone resolved this issue by installing a 9 mm ramp to the immediate area.

Sequence of Works

The works consisted of approximately 160 sqm area total, inclusive of 36 m of matching coving. Our works began with full mechanical floor preparation. Old vinyl tiles were taken up and any glue residue removed from the substrate with a diamond grinder. The whole surface was then thoroughly cleaned and keyed in preparation for the new resin system.

The floor was then primed, and we proceeded to install multi-layer glass-fibre lining system. The final finish was seamless, glossy, non-slip, and finished to the expected high standard. The works were finished off with the installation of matching coving. The whole project took a week to complete; well within the agreed timetable.


The Client, Tecan Ltd was very pleased with the final result and with Flowstone’s ability to carry out the works to a required timescale and high standard. Facilities & Projects Manager, Terry Smith, praised Flowstone’s team:

“Let me say how impressed I am with your support to have this job completed in the very challenging timescale. The team were excellent on site, we work in a highly controlled environment and their professional attitude is a credit to them and your company.”

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