Wellgate Shopping Centre: Installation of Car Park Liquid Resin Flooring System

Flowstone Industrial Flooring are specialists in creating hard-wearing, sustainable flooring tailored to your needs. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever purpose, spills, machinery or footfalls you expect in your business, we have a system that will keep you covered for many years to come.

So, what happens when your car park tarmac starts to wear and the paint begins to fade? Wellgate Shopping Centre had that exact question for us and we helped them stay ahead of that curve. In just two install sessions we fully restored their car park; returning it to a pristine condition.

A Specialist Approach to Car Park Flooring Installations

Due to the large amount of customers coming in and out of Wellgate, a very popular shopping centre in Dundee, discretion and speed were the main values that we were to consider when approaching this job. Our technical team strategised a two week operation that would keep sections of the car park in operation at all times. We were also working at the height of winter which many other companies using different resin products and techniques, do not have the option to do.

What We Did

We got our construction team out, equipped with the latest flooring preparation equipment. The team got to work scabbling the areas in need of work by fully removing the top layer of concrete from the previous, redundant flooring system. This removed stains, cracks and other damage so that we have only the best base to build our sustainable, highly resistant resin floor on.

We then got to work shot-blasting those areas. This is a mechanical floor preparation technique which will purify the substrate completely. It cleans and keys before the application of new resin system. In addition, Flowstone carried out preparation to upstands by means of hand-held diamond grinding.

From this point we started the banding and crack repairs. We set the crack and movement joints, which gives the floor that high-tensile weight resistance that Flowstone’s floors are famous for.

After we have fully prepared and repaired the substrate, we started applying the primer and installing the waterproof, fast curing and flexible MMA system. This creates a thermal seal that is integral to ensuring the floor’s resistance to even the most adverse temperatures and weather conditions. This protects the Resin Flooring system and the substrate from a variety of different elemental pressures.

Finally, with the technical aspects set, we applied line markings. Again, we did this with resistant liquid resin which will keep them bright, clear and tyre proof for maximum longevity. The colour schemes were dark grey, forest green and blazing white for the parking bay markers.

Flowstone Operational Throughout the Year

Wellgate Shopping Centre needed this done following damage resultant from the Christmas shopping rush and in order to be ready for the busy summer time period.

Many Liquid Resin Flooring companies restrict their external operations to Spring and Summer. Flowstone have a system and a method that can get all works done in super-fast time, any time of year, any environment and to the highest possible standard. With that, this may be the UK’s biggest car park renovation project of 2019 so far – and we were thrilled to have successfully completed this project.

Operational Issues

  • Keeping the Car Park operational at all times
  • Choosing the right Liquid Resin flooring system to set and cure in adverse temperatures
  • Removal of the top layer of concrete to reset the protective qualities of the flooring system
  • Applying Resin coating that would bring out the colours of the tarmac
  • Reapplying markings and setting clear walkways

Technical Details

Floor Area: 5,500 m2
Construction Type: Multi-Storey Intermediate Car Park Decking
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Areas of Application: Intermediate Levels 3 and 5. This included parking bays, turning circles, ramps and main deck areas
System Specification: Tremco Rapid Cure MMA Flexible Waterproofing System

Colours: Dark Grey and Green for the main walkways, White for DVSA Markings (walking man symbols, single lines each side of walkway, pedestrian crossings and parking bays etc.)

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