Slade Train Deport Flooring Maintenance

New industrial Floor Coating for Slade Green Train Maintenance Depot

Flowstone was contracted by Southeastern Railway to carry out the works at Slade Green train maintenance depot in Erith. The train depot operates 24 hours a day for train refits, repairs and refurbishments.

Job Overview

The works area comprised approximately 5,200 m2 roads inclusive of: underpasses to be complete in Mid Grey and Blue, and overpasses in Green. Yellow line-markings completed the underpasses.


Virtus Resins Strongcoat and Strongcoat Thixo coating system were chosen as the preferred specification. The Client also required the new flooring to meet slip resistance requirements of a minimum Pendulum Test Value reading of 36 in all conditions (Dry, Wet, or Contaminated). To meet this requirement, Flowstone specified the addition of quartz scatter between coats.


It was imperative that the depot remains operational throughout the works. To meet these criteria, the project scope of works was planned in agreement with the depot management to minimise disruption to the daily activities. This allowed certain roads to remain operational throughout the period of the works, and for the works to be completed in as short a timescale as possible.

Being CHAS, Achilles  and an RISQS accredited contractor, we continually manage risk during our day to day activities and employ the skills of a specialist health and safety manager. Flowstone works closely with Clients and their Project Managers to understand their project timelines and to keep abreast of any delays so as to be able to provide sound advice on the best product specification to manage the risk of the works being adversely affected by changing weather conditions. More generally, it is our experience that maintaining regular and effective communication with clients is the key to managing risks to project success.

Sequence of Works

The roads had to be prepared by means of diamond grinding to ensure complete removal of the previous coating from the substrate and to provide a clean and keyed surface. A number of localised concrete floor repairs and joints were carried out using a suitable product. The floor was then coated with Strongcoat and Strongcoat Thixo high build epoxy paint, followed by a full blind of quartz scatter to achieve slip-resistant, profiled finish throughout. The floor was then tested for slip resistance.

Finally, the floor was completed with yellow single line markings and road numbers.

The Depot Manager was delighted with the new flooring: “Just wanted to say that the lift roads 7 & 8 at Slade Green look very nice, great work thank you.“

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